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Solid Performance Begins with Trusted Leadership


Project Executive, LEED AP BD + C

Knowledgeable, confident, and fully aware of the responsibility that comes with delivering on the promises ISI makes to architects, interior designers, general contractors, and millwork companies. Ryan is very involved in new business development, which involves networking and looking at advantageous ways to grow into the future.

Ryan also oversees the pre-construction and estimating portion of ISI which encompasses not only establishing project costs and understanding value, but working through the engineering and technical issues to ensure the most effective and efficient approach to a projects bottom line. Proven through his capability in understanding and solving front-end issues before they cause disastrous time and budget overruns. From a client’s perspective, his foresight in making potential problems non-issues makes

Ryan’s knowledge of the entire construction process, from identification of an opportunity to occupancy, invaluable.

Ryan strongly believes in an ethical approach to sustainable building and devotes time to educating himself on better methods. He is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Central Plains Chapter where he focuses on better approaches to common building practices.

He also is focused on strengthening the community around him.  He is dedicated member to Kansas City’s Operation Breakthrough, serving as a Grapevine member and constant volunteer. He also works closely with Operation BBQ Relief.  Ryan is synonymous with ingenuity, community, and thinking outside the box.

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Director of Operations

Claes has been in the construction and finish carpentry fields for over two decades. Claes learned the intricacies of custom finishing doing detailed, high-end fabrication and installs for a custom cabinetmaker. With that experience on his resume, he went on to work as a fabricator and then a project manager for a premier Kansas City solid surface counter top firm.

For Claes, acting as a foreman and eventually project manager was a natural transition. His skills and accomplishments also made him a natural fit for ISI as field production manager and safety officer. Claes has extensive wisdom about project life cycles and maintaining schedules. His perceptive and critical eye for detailed quality is evident in every single one of ISI’s finished products and installations. Claes plays in integral role in selecting the time-budget-resource saving technologies we bring to our clients’ projects.

Having been in the industry for a long, long time, Claes is well known across Kansas City. He was early to join and remains committed to the sustainability evolution that is growing exponentially in the Midwest markets.

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Purchasing Agent, Safety Manager

Rusty’s entire career has focused on making sure things go as planned. Playing the dual role of ISI’s purchasing agent and acting safety manager is a natural fit for him. In the past, he has traveled extensively throughout the country to assist disaster victims, so Rusty has a sixth sense for detecting danger. Also, he has provided both armed and unarmed protection for people and their assets for a security firm. Makes you feel safer already, doesn’t it? Us, too.

Rusty brings that protective nature and his OSHA 30-hour requirement to ISI, keeping our field personnel working as safely and efficiently as possible. In his line of work, Rusty has to excel in customer and vendor relations. His knack for problem solving is uncanny. Rusty’s ability, drive and know-how is an integral part of what makes ISI’s everyday high-level performance beneficial to both our clients and the entire ISI team.


Project Manager II

What do you get when you’ve logged 2,000 hours in wood frame construction, over 1,400 hours in concrete form work and concrete finishing and oversaw a team of five Marines for two years? You get Gregg, someone who takes charge and can execute full construction processes in his sleep.

Gregg is about as straight-forward as they come and his experience speaks for itself. Gregg was a combat engineer, Sergeant-E5 with the U.S. Marine Corps. After serving, he was a journeyman carpenter and member of the Greater Kansas City Area Carpenters Union. He also earned his B.A. in construction management and has an OSHA 30-hour requirement for outstanding on-site safety management.

Gregg is an obvious asset to both our clients and the company because he is detail driven and always fosters a team environment, even in the most stressful situations. But as he’d tell it, “He’s just doing his job.”


Field Engineer

Mike was probably one of those kids who could recreate the Empire State Building with popsicle sticks and finish a 1,000-piece puzzle in a day. Having risen through the ranks of ISI’s apprenticeship program, we couldn’t be more proud of how well Mike knows both new construction and old world carpentry techniques. In fact, he’s one of our go-to employees for challenging, design-intensive projects thanks to his keen eye for detail and focus on quality. And we’re not the only ones who see him as their go-to guy. Some of our clients – the most well respected in their industries – ask for Mike by name for their projects.

Before joining ISI, Mike worked for some of the areas recognized cabinet and signage shops, cutting his construction teeth on delivering quality craftsmanship on various installs. Time and again, Mike has proven himself a well-rounded craftsman, which has made him a natural go-to for tricky and challenging projects.