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ISI Helps Give Operation Breakthrough the Interior It Deserves

Operation Breakthrough does some of the most important work in Kansas City. The organization provides essential care and services for our city’s most needy children and their families. Founded in 1968, providing daycare for just four children, Operation Breakthrough now offers year-round early childhood education. The children they serve often have endured traumatic experiences, and the center is a place where they can simply just be kids.

Without the center, who knows where these children would be, given that one in four are homeless. Based on family need, the organization’s services have expanded over the years and Operation Breakthrough strives to provide as many services on site as possible – music therapy, health and wellness and social skills groups for children and a food pantry, resume development and parenting classes. Nearly 400 children and their families, that live on under $15,000 per year, rely on Operation Breakthrough to be their nurturing and caring environment five days a week, 11 hours a day.

Grab a few tissues and watch a video that chronicles a year in the life of Operation Breakthrough.

One of the organization’s employees said her job was to help families see light in dark places. ISI’s job was to create the enlightening interior space where children and their families experience activities and services that lead them to brighter futures. ISI’s goal was and is to support Operation Breakthrough in their mission to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment.

One of the ways we support the organization was by developing the Maker’s Space. The space is for – you guessed it – making things. Sewing, pieces of art made from everything from string to crayons and anything a child can imagine comes to reality in the Maker’s Space.

The key was to make the space bright for inspiration, open for collaboration and organized for ease of use.


ISI has decades of history in interior architectural woodworking and a penchant for art and design, commercial construction & engineering, plus client relationship, estimating, and project management experience. We’ve worked with many companies, creating beautiful public spaces. By working on projects near and dear to our hearts, like Operation Breakthrough, we can use our expertise for the good of the most needy in our community.

Often times, our involvement doesn’t involve swinging a hammer or anything to do with our trade. Over the years, ISI has supported Operation Breakthrough’s luncheons, diaper drives and Grapevine, which is a group for busy people who want to stay in touch with the center. Meetings for 2016 will be the 4th Wednesday every other month at the center over lunch to talk about needs and news. Stop by some time and see the space and the work they do. Everyone is welcome. Simply RSVP to