Install Solutions

interior architecture millwork services imagePrecision. Craftsmanship. Performance.

We take your interior design visions and most visionary concepts. We transform them into functional, living breathing commercial spaces that completely engage. Sometimes that means we’re traditional carpenters and other times it requires us to be innovators. In both roles, ISI’s use of the latest technology, materials and finishes in your interior design specifications is an invaluable asset to your project.

Interior Architecture Millwork Services

There is a lot of  knowledge and experience underneath our hardhats. With ISI’s organized team and technology like digital templating the sky is the limit for all interior finishes. What was too expensive or unobtainable from a design standpoint a few years ago is completely  achievable today. From the initial consult and bidding to the  harsh realities of installation work, the approach remains fluid. We think on our feet to get your project done. In addition we’ll also help your project with LEED strategies to obtain certification and future programs within LEED EBOM to ensure interior performance well into the future.

  • Doors
  • Hardware
  • Millwork
  • Specialty items

Surface and Engineered Stone Installations

From Corian® and granite to a variety of other engineered stone or reclaimed materials—our commercial solid surface installations will impress. ISI installs countertops, reception area paneling, desks and more. These are the focal points where the interior architectural design concept comes together. Our project experience includes intricately detailed lines and curves that other companies said couldn’t be done.

Commercial Interior Build Out Project Leadership, ISI is in for the Long Haul

Whenever an interior architectural build out project appears on our radar, ISI goes into collaboration mode. ISI becomes a key partner by doing our homework on the company, the project, the community and its perception of the client/project and especially the architect.

Once a project moves to the interior build out phase, communication and collaboration tend to slip away. Waiting until punch lists are issued and deadlines loom increases the chance for schedule and budget overruns. That doesn’t make sense. So ISI is there from the beginning, giving guidance, saving time and being proactive. Our team knows what works engineering and aesthetic-wise, even right down to color choices.

Promoting safety via OSHA programs, education through product certification and strong construction management processes are a given with ISI. We bring more to the table than what you’re expecting, giving your client the best experience. At the end of the day that’s still what it’s all about.